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Okimono, unusual name, who are you?

Who are you guys anyway?

We are an Arnhem based t-shirt company and have sales outlets throughout the Netherlands. At Okimono we combine our passion for graphic design with high quality eco-cotton shirts, longsleeves, sweaters and hoodies. We also have a beautiful line of cycling wear, aprons and art prints. Okimono is inspired by current events, the city, cycling, De Stijl, design with a wink and everything else we care about. We cooperate with over 30 graphic designers, illustrators and woodcarvers. In terms of production, we do our utmost to make our clothes in a socially responsible, eco-friendly and sustainable way.

Where does the name originates from?

What do you do if you do not have a cool last name? The chance that you will be born in the Netherlands as Gerrit Gucci, Gerrit Dolce and/or Gerrit Gabanna is not very big. If you still want to start a company in the fashion industry, you will have to find a cool name that covers it. In the case of Okimono, the name came about by coincidence in response to an excerpt from an American business management book about how companies can work better together: 'they should open their kimonos'. Creatively abbreviated to: o-kimono. And since we have elevated cooperation to an art and see it as an absolute condition for success, the name also fits us very well. And it's cool too. Later, we discovered that 'okimono' is also an existing Japanese word. An okimono (Japanese: 置物) is a Japanese ornament. The term is composed of the words oku (置) and mono (物), meaning 'places' and 'thing' respectively. An okimono has a purely aesthetic function. Okimonos were often given as gifts to westerners. Not bad either ;-) And the fact that "O que mono!" in Spanish means "Oh how beautiful!" can't be a coincidence...!

I know your shirts from TV, right?

Yes, you certainly can. Okimono classics like 'Bad Dove!', 'Say Cheese' and 'Recharge Them Woods' have already been worn several times by Dutch celebrities!

How sustainable is Okimono?

To me environmental awareness is very important. How sustainable are your products?

Our eco-cotton T-shirts, hoodies, longsleeves, sweaters and aprons are produced as environmentally friendly as possible and under humane conditions, honest and with love. To emphasize this, Okimono has signed the Okimono has signed the IRBC convenant for sustainable clothing and textiles, AGT - powered by SER.


How can I subscribe to or unsubscribe from the newsletter?

If you want to be the first to know about new t-shirts, discount promotions and pre-order alerts (your last chance to get 10 euro discount, so be quick!) the newsletter is not to be missed. You can subscribe here on the website and you can also subscribe when you order something on the website. If you want to unsubscribe, you can do so with the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of the newsletter mail.

T-shirt sold out or can't find a shirt

I can't find a particular t-shirt on the site, what can I do?

There are various solutions for that. We have a search function. In the top right corner (desktop or laptop) or top left corner (mobile website) there is the 'search' icon. This allows you to search on the title of a t-shirt and on words in the description. You can also use keywords. Another solution is to search in one of the themes through the menu of the website. We have 6 of them under 'Inspiration' and 6 under "Series". The inspiration themes are 'Let's do it' (sport), "It's only natural" (nature), "Music was my First Love" (music), 'Handyman galore' (DIY), 'The yesteryears' (typical retro designs) and Arnhem, Eindhoven, Friesland, De Hoge Veluwe or The Wadden Islands And also the 'Like Father Like Son'T-shirts.

Can I reserve a sold out t-shirt for when it returns in stock?

No, but you can tell us to alert you when your size is available again. the available sizes are listed with each t-shirt. If your size is sold out it will be strokethrough. But that's not the end of it! By clicking on your sold out size, you can then indicate that you would like to receive a reminder e-mail when the size becomes available again. That's handy!

Will all sold out T-shirts return?

Not all of them. Over time, some shirts temporarily come back in stock, for example because of a special event coming up, or because there is a lot of demand for a particular design. On the website is a list of shirts we expect to have back in stock in a few months.

Pre-order deals

What are pre-order deals?

A new design is always released as a pre-order for a short period. You can then order it with a discount to make the waiting a little easier (for a t-shirt this is 10 euro). At the pre-order item on the website you will see a clock counting down to the moment that the pre-order is finished. As soon as the t-shirt arrives in our warehouse, it can be shipped and the pre-order is over. The t-shirt will then get the regular price. Also when older designs come back in stock, they often have a pre-order release. So when ordering a pre-order item, take into account a longer delivery time! We can only ship the order when the item is in stock and the pre-order period has ended. Also when your order contains multiple items including a pre-order item, we will only ship the entire order at once, when the final pre-order item has arrived.

13 euro discount on every 2nd item from our regular stock of shirts and sweaters

How does the 13 euro discount on every 2nd T-shirt, longsleeve, polo shirt or sweater work?

If you order several full price €42,95 T-shirts, every 2nd shirt costs €29,95, so 13 euro cheaper. So instead of 2x €42,95 you only pay €42,95+€29,95. Same for the 4th, 6th etc T-shirt in 1 order. Great!
But it gets even better because the 13 euro discount also applies if you combine it with a longsleeve, polo shirt, sweater, hoodie, cardigan, or zipped hoodie. So if you buy a T-shirt and a sweater, for example, you pay only €42.95+€46.95.
The discount is automatically applied in your shopping cart. Pre-orders and sale items are excluded because they already have a discount. The combi-offer also does not apply, for example, to caps, postcards, children's clothing, aprons and cycling clothing.

Okimono, for ladies as well

Why don't you release a particular design as a women's shirt?

We sell relatively more Okimono men's shirts than women's shirts. Therefore, we cannot stock all designs in women's models and must make choices. If you would really like to see a design released as a ladies' shirt, please let us know. When there is enough enthusiasm we will take it into consideration.

Are your hoodies and sweaters also for ladies?

Yes, our sweaters are unisex. If you like to wear your hoodie or sweater on the loose side, this is definitely for you. Because they are unisex, they do not have the tailored fit that you find in our women's shirts.

I want to order something, now what?

Do I need an account to place an order?

An account is not required, but it is convenient. Ordering without an account is possible, but we do need your name, address and e-mail details.

Why is an account useful?

With an account you can add items to your wish list and review your order history. Moreover, you don't have to type in your details every time you place an order!

Can I change or cancel my order?

If you want to change something in your order please contact the webshop (+31 (0)26 2022948 or They can help you immediately (during office hours). Also when you want to combine the shipment of 2 orders. Changing or cancelling an order yourself is not possible.

Can I pick up an order myself?

Yes. When ordering you can select whether we should ship your order or you want to pick it up yourself at one of the pick-up points (our store in Arnhem, Outfit-S in Eindhoven, The Saint in Leeuwarden, Sus en So in Utrecht, in Nijmegen or Straatwaar in Amsterdam. The addresses are here.

How much are the shipping costs?

For order values of €89 euros or more, we ship for free. Otherwise shipping costs are €3,95 in The Netherlands and €8,95 for international shipping. Track & Trace is included.

How can I pay?

You can pay via iDEAL (only for customers with a bank account in the Netherlands), Paypal, credit card (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, American Express), Bancontact and Klarna. You can find more information here. All prices mentioned include VAT.

Can I see what size is best for me?

We have made a size lineup of men and women with different heights and builds. Hopefully this will help you choose the right size. For most men's and women's items we have also put the exact measurements per size in a table. The maximum deviation is 1 cm per side. You can find the size lineup and the size table here.

How do I ensure that the items last a long time?

I am not satisfied with my purchase or your service. What can I do?

Can I exchange an item for another size, another item or have a refund?

Yes, that is no problem within 60 days after you received your purchase. To start your return request, please go to We will process your return within 3 business days after receipt. You have the option to either exchange for another size or item, or a refund.
Shipping costs for your return are at your own costs. If by incident you received a wrong or damaged item, your return is always free of charge.
As we mention here, you have the right to withdraw from the contract within a period of 60 days without any reason. You shall return the goods or hand them over to us without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which you communicate your decision to withdraw from the contract to us. You are in time if you return the goods before the period of 14 days has expired.

I have another complaint. What should I do?

If you have a general complaint about our products or our service, please contact us by e-mail ( or telephone (+31-(0)26-2022948). After receiving your complaint, we will give you a substantive response within 14 days. Do you not agree with the solution and can't figure it out together? Then you can submit your complaint via the European ODR Platform.

What guarantee do you offer on your producs?

All items you buy from us are covered by the legal guarantee of at least 2 years. Legal guarantee means that a product is or should do what the consumer can reasonably expect of it. For some products there is also a manufacturer's guarantee. These guarantees do not negate the legal guarantee.

Gift cards

Do you have gift cards?

Yes, with an Okimono gift card anyone can order something from the webshop (not in the stores). We have gift cards from €10 euro to €42,95.


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