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Okimono Webshop Team

Behind every large webshop ... there's a great team indeed. Especially in our case. Not entirely illogical, most of these good people earn their living building webshops and related things. Secret tip!

If you have any comments or just a nice idea for our webshop, mail gerrit [at] okimono.nl. Feedback makes everything better!

Note: No models were unnecessarily injured during the photo shoot. There were only lettuce leaves on the menu to keep these photogenic professionals in optimal shape. The photographer didn't make any dishonourable proposals, although we couldn't always understand him well.


Maikel Thijssen - Maikel Thijssen Photography


Coert De Boe - graphic designer - Boo design

Nigel Stanton - team coach - Croeso

Gerrit Weeren - ceo Okimono

and in esteemed supporting roles:

Maya KnepFle - graphic designer - Spectric

Erny & Stef - father and son

Technology and realization:

Erwin Plönes - senior Shopify consultant

Mano Piesens - back end integration - 8020.nl

Maya KnepFle - Photoshop pro -Spectric

Bart Kaper - Photoshop pro - Bart Kaper Graphic Designer

Yvonne Smit - texts eco / covenant / size tables - Ys productions

Fred Hubers - texts and translation - Okimono

Bart Grit - test and feedback - Okimono

Gerrit Weeren - design, Shopify, text and project management - Okimono


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