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For Okimono it's just a beautiful article that matters, made from sustainable materials and under humane conditions, where no children's hands got near it - for production, that is. Here's our approach.

You can recognize an Okimono by its sleek print and slim fit. And not just the men, but women also can enjoy the nice T-shirts, hoodies and sweaters again, made with care from premium quality organic cotton. Shirts that are long enough (we’re no fans of the ‘plumber’s butt’) and that fit well. For men from sizes XS to XXXXL we have the right size in stock. And whether you prefer a round neck or a V, it won’t be cut too low. For women we have sizes XS to XXXL available, also in round and V-neck! And yes, the neckline is just that littlebit more elegant.

The love and care we put in the making, shows in the details of every Okimono and also translates into our warrenty. Quality lasting longer than just one hot summer simply matters a great deal to us.


First Edition
When a shirt is first released, we like to call it a 'First Edition'. From mid 2017 onward, at the back these T-shirts are also labelled 'First Edition', so it always shows that this is one of the initial series. You got it first! It is not a given that a shirt will come back. So in some cases, the First Edition will also be the last.

Okimono 'Classic' shirt
If the response is heartwarming or we simply cannot get enough of it, then a First Edition will return as a regular shirt, the Classic.

Limited Edition
Some designs we turn into a very exclusive Limited Edition. These special editions are released in a strictly limited series of 100 shirts, all individually numbered at the back (above the names of both the design and designer) – a good custom in art reproduction and emphasizing the exclusivity of these unique shirts.


All our articles are produced with attention to detail, under humane conditions, in Portugal and Italy. There has been no use of child or forced labour. For our T-shirts, hoodies and sweaters we use only 100% premium quality organic cotton. These fabrics are coloured with sustainable dyes, all fully GOTS-certified.

Fair eco wear made with such care deserves a similar treatment. Therefore we advise the following:

To protect the print, it is advisable not to wash the article in the first days after purchase.
After that to wash:

  • At 30O
  • Inside out, with a proper delicate detergent without any bleach.
  • Wash with he same colors.

To dry:

  • Preferably hung on a clothes hanger.
  • Not in a dryer.

To iron:

  • Preferably not and no more than lukewarm, with the iron set to 'synthetic fibres'.
  • Always inside out and never directly on the print!

No dry-cleaning
No bleaching

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