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The Okimono Membership: what's in it for me?

Priority access to special Limited Edition shirts

Several times a year, we release a unique limited edition shirt. Being a Member grants you exclusive access to these shirts. And that's a good thing because gone = gone!

Okimono Member Day

Once a year we open the doors for a day behind the scenes at Okimono. Open only to Members!

Exclusive offers for Members only

Special discount offers are available exclusively for Members.

Exclusive Pre-Sales access

Priority access to our Green Friday promotion, annual Warehouse Clearance, and maybe even more.


It's your birthday and our treat!

This is how it works

To enjoy the benefits of Okimono Membership, all you have to do is create a Member account. And if you already have an account, then it's really easy. Just check the box in your profile to confirm that you want to become a Member. That's all.

You will be automatically notified by e-mail of all special Membership promotions.

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