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Okimono - What's coming up?

The below listed designs/reprints are expected in the upcoming months. That could be in a fortnight, but with a lot of bad luck it could also be three months. We really do not know (and therefore cannot answer) this at the moment. As soon as the approximate delivery date is clear, the t-shirt concerned will be made available as a pre-order and you can reserve/order it. This will also be announced in the Okimono newsletter. If the design is already on the webshop, you can also use the 'back in stock' function on forehand to have an e-mail sent to you when the size in question is back in stock. Go to the design, select your size/neck shape and use the 'mail me when it is back in stock' button.

Last update: November 11, 2022

These designs are expected within a few to several weeks (Keep an eye on the newsletter or webshop, at the moment no more information is available on this):

Lost In Music
Fab Four
33 To 45
Hippe Vogel
Tandje Erbij
Picus Viridis
Zeg Het Met
Even Bijtanken
Kitchen Criminals
Missing Dots
Recycle Love
Berlin_Am Friedrichshain
Skyline 040 - Witte Wel
Earth: One Last Shot
I've Got The Blueprint
Perpetuum Mobile 2.0
Up For Size
Shout (Let It All Out)
Peak Performance
Ruimtelijk Inzicht
Press Record And Play
It;s The Thought That Counts
Vreemde Eend
Eén Wolkje Aan De Lucht

Note: New designs (so-called First Editions) are not included in this list. We keep them secret for a while. We actually release a new design every week.


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