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Recycle Love


Because we at Okimono like to be careful of our loyal customers and the earth, we launched our own T-shirt exchange programme 'Recycle Love' at the end of 2018. At the Okimono Store in Arnhem, you can trade in your worn-out shirt at a discount of €7.50 for just a replacement or even €15 on a beautiful 'Recycle Love' shirt. We in turn make sure that the old model is lovingly put into the Curitas recycling mill instead of the first incinerator and for every shirt handed in we donate €2.50 to Trees for All for the planting of new forests worldwide!

We want to use your old shirts to develop new materials. Anything is possible, from new high-quality yarns for the clothing industry to processing as insulation material. Since 2019, Okimono donates all collected garments to Curitas. Together with Boer Group, they then ensure the best processing of our textiles. Want to know more about Curitas and Boer Group? Take a look at

Of course Okimono does not plant new forests itself, we leave that up to the experts from Trees for all. This CBF-recognized foundation wants to contribute to a healthy and green earth and is committed to more forests in the world. With a donation of €12,50, Trees for All plants a tree in the Netherlands and one abroad. This way we take care for more trees together, because trees take care for us. They are indispensable to humans, nature and animals and play a crucial role in CO2 storage. We find this outright investment in the future of our planet and our children so valuable that we would like to plant a few more trees with you!

‘Fortunately’ for us our customers turn out to be rather attached to their Okimono’s and therefore the number of garments that we were able to donate hasn’t been very high. Ever since we kicked off in 2018, we have donated a little over 500 shirts, amongst which a batch of 399 unusable to ourselves. Of course we’ll carry on collecting.

Please note: this programme is only available at the Okimono Arnhem Store. The discount does not apply in combination with other promotions or discounts (excluding the 'packing sleeve discount'). Also, this discount cannot be converted into cash.


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