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Okimono enjoys being part of this earth and being able to count you to the loyal customer base. Because we care a lot about both, we gladly introduce our own personal T-shirt help programme ‘RECYCLE LOVE’. For however careful you are, a shirt is basically printed cotton and that has a limited natural life span, or it gets horribly stained somewhere along the way. And because parting is such sweet sorrow, we’d like to ease the burden for both you and our planet.

At the Okimono Arnhem Store you can trade in your beloved and much worn shirt for a €7,50 discount on a replacement or even €15,- on the gorgeous ‘Recycle Love’ T-shirt. In return we will make sure that the old one is recycled, instead of being shoved into just any incinerator. And on top of that, for every shirt that is turned in, we will donate €2,50 for the worldwide planting of new forests.

Trees For AllWith all your old shirts we strive to develop new materials and there are many possibilities, from new yarns for the fashion industry to fibre being used in insolation. At this moment we are researching various options, which of course will takes time and effort. As soon as the best matching solution for Okimono comes along, we will start processing all collected shirts. Until then we will keep all of them in storage ourselves. To be continued!

When it comes to planting trees, Okimono happily turns to the experts of Trees for all. This CBF-certified foundation seeks to contribute to a healthy and green earth and dedicates its work to help create more forests worldwide. With a donation of €10,- Trees for All can plant one tree. With this collectively we can ensure the trees taking care of us, for they are indispensible for all of nature and they play a crucial role in the storage of CO2. To us this is so valuable that Okimono will donate €2,50 to Trees for All for every shirt that is turned in: a direct investment in the future of our planet and our children. So let’s grow some trees.

Note: Recycle Love is only available at the Okimono Store in Arnhem. Discount is not applicable in combination with other discounts (except the store’s ‘Kokerkorting’). Also this discount is not exchangeable for cash money.

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