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Fair and sustainable production doesn’t just happen. It takes serious effort and you have to show it too! Transparency matters greatly to us, because the more we can show you what we do, as a sustainable brand, the better you know where to go.

All Okimono garments are made with awareness of corporate social responsibility (due diligence) within Europe and they meet the European standards for garment and textile production. This production takes place in Portugal, Italy and the Netherlands. For us it is important to invest in long-term collaborations with our agent and producers, because this provides us with as much insight as possible in the complete production process. To check and monitor all nine criteria of our production policy, we will be visiting our Portugese production locations ourselves in the course of 2019. With our Italian producers we also work to establishing closer working relations. At the bottom of the page you find a list of all our production sites and suppliers and check out the Fair Eco Wear page, for our approach.


In June 2019 Okimono joined the Open Apparel Registry and our aim is to also sign the Clean Clothes Campaign Transparency Pledge, later this year.

Open Apparel Registry is an international, online database, by and for companies within the textile industry and for customers. Here you can see from each label or company where the garments are being produced. By exchanging their production locations, companies can join forces to further strengthen the production chain. Because there is always room for improvement and together we stand stronger.

By signing the Clean Clothes Campaign Transparency Pledge, we will furthermore commit ourselves to giving insight into our production processes and locations. Considering the Due Diligence process we work together with companies that live up to several international standards and that, like us, strive to further develop and improve their production process.



In 2015 Okimono made the conscious decision to move the production for organic cotton shirts from India to Portugal. In the course of 2019 we will also start producing our aprons here.

Our agent and producer Free Season tends to the complete garment production and maintains contact with all other Portuguese suppliers and producers. At the front end they see to the purchase, dyeing and production of the yarns into fabrics and the purchase of additional materials and trimmings. At the back end they also arrange the Portuguese printing production. The printing of the garments is being done in the Netherlands for some 50% and in Portugal for the remaining 50%.

Free Season, textile agency
Avenida S. João, 937 Barcelinhos Barcelos 4755-064
Free Season employs 13 people in total, mostly women in the age of 24 to 45, all in accordance with Portuguese labour legislation.
Pictures coming soon!

Mundifios, yarn supplier
Parque Industrial de S. João de Ponte, Pav. F11, 4805-252 Guimarães, Portugal
Our organic cotton yarn is fully GOTS certified.

Trifitrofa Comércio de fios téxteis, knitting company
R. Teófilo Braga 115, 4785-203 Trofa, Portugal

ATB – Acabamentos Texteis de Barcelos, dyeing company
Lugar de Mariz 347 Mariz - Apartado Barcelos 4754-909
The dyeing of the fabrics takes place under full OEKO-TEX and GOTS certification.

Estamparia LISICAR, textielprinter
Rue Industrial 80 Várzea Barcelos 4755-539

Ultiprint, textiel- en zeefdrukkerij
Nijverheidsweg 33 6662 NG Elst
At this family firm the craftsmanship of 4 people continuously ensures the high quality that meets all national and international standards.
Pictures are coming soon!



Rue Industrial 1234 Villa Frescainha Sao Pedro Barcelos 4750-841

Joracarsil – Indústria de Passamanarias
Parque Industrial Lamelas Pavilhao D - Frescainha Sao Pedro Barcelos 4750 V

Etisatos, Unipessoal
Rue Padre António Caldas 1388, Loja 8 Guimaraes Braga 4810-246

Rui Vilaça – Acessórios Texteis
Rua Boavista 50 Vila Nova de Famalicao, Loja Barcelinhos Barcelos 4775-444



Biemme, sports wear
Via Oltre Agno, 35 Brogliano Vincenza 36070
This renowned Italian sports specialist produces the Okimono cycling gear from high end polyester. Through the Benelux Biemme agent we purchase the cycling wear, custom made and with the original Okimono designer prints.


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