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Three years ago Okimono signed the IRBC Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textiles, AGT – powered by SER (Dutch Social Economic Board). Time to take stock.

Producing under humane conditions and as environmentally friendly as possible, that sounds nice. But it doesn’t happen over night.
Decisively/ Wholeheartedly we have said ‘yes’ to continuously improving our production processes and being transparent about this. From the agreement our goals and progress are sharply monitored: do we do what we say we do, how do we do this and are we on target? And each year our goals are readjusted from both them and us, naturally.

Our processes

A solid collaboration between us and our Portuguese agent and producer Free Season fortunately enables us to gain more insight and proceed in working toward even better solutions for all our organic cotton garments. Our T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are now GOTS certified from the fibre through to the dye. Addressing other aspects of production – such as printing, labelling and packaging – and visiting the production sites ourselves is next on the agenda. For our cycling wear, next year we will be starting up a similar process. Auditing the working conditions is a logical part of that process.

AGT opens up possibilities

More and more companies and organisations are signing the agreement, by now some 89 in total. On the one hand this stimulates collaborations between companies, to further improve their production processes together. On the other it enables the organisation itself to seek out alliances with important international stakeholders.

Earlier an alliance was formed with the German ‘Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien’ and now a similar connection to the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) is being explored. Also just recently a collaboration between AGT and the Open Apparel Coalition resulted in the publication of the production locations of all AGT members in one list within the Open Apparel Registry, OAR - an international public database of textile producers. Additionally Okimono ensured publication of its own specific list on this database and of course you can find these locations on our own website as well: ....Made by

For more information about the IRBC Agreement, check here

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