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Producing as environmentally friendly as possible and under humane working conditions, sincerely and with love, matters a great deal to us. That is why Okimono signed the IRBC (Dutch) Agreement on sustainable Garments and Textile – powered by SER.

Our premium quality organic cotton shirts, hoodies and sweaters are produced at a manufacturer in Portugal, where the labour conditions are healthy and the living wages is fair. The garments are fully GOTS-certified, from raw fibre to the dyeing process. They are subsequently printed either in Portugal or in Elst, The Netherlands
Collaborating closely with our agent and manufacturer is of the utmost importance and gives the most insight in the complete Portuguese production chain.
With their clean-cut prints the master printers in Elst always deliver top-notch craftsmanship, in accordance with national and international standards.


The standards for organic cotton are established in European legislation. For the growth no synthetic crop protection can be used, nor any genetically modified organisms or fertilizer. Cotton, wool, silk, flax and hemp can be organically grown; mostly cotton is organically grown. There are no specific rules concerning the growth of cotton in areas where water is scarce, but there has to be a water management plan in place
(source: keurmerkenwijzer, milieu centraal)


To be able to produce as socially responsible as possible, Okimono has a zero tolerance policy concerning the following criteria:
No use of child labour
No use of forced labour
Safe and healthy working conditions
Legal employment contracts
Fair living wages
Freedom of association and the right of collective negotiations
No discrimination of employees
No excessive working hours


Okimono is very happy with you, our loyal customer and with the earth. Because we want to take care of both, we gladly introduce or brand new T-shirt help programme ‘RECYCLE LOVE’. At the Okimono store in Arnhem you can trade in your worn down shirt for a €7,50 discount on a replacement or even €15,- on the gorgeous ‘Recycle Love’ T-shirt. In return we will make sure that the old one is recycled, instead of being shoved into just any incinerator. And on top of that, for every shirt that is turned in, we will donate €2,50 for the worldwide planting of new forests.

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