First100 2020 3 female shirts

Exclusive Limited Edition t-shirt subscription | premium eco t-shirt by okimono

Okimono 'First100', for the ones that love very exclusive, unique t-shirts! Especially for our fans! 'First100' is a T-shirt subscription. We create 4 very special shirts every year, each quarter one, specially for 'First100' members!
Possibillity to include shipping, so easy!

There are exactly 100 'First 100' tickets available. What's special about a First100 shirt? Each shirt is individually numbered with your personal First100 number. And every design is of course very special. And in any case, you will not see the design within a year in our "regular" collection and maybe never. At the end of each quarter, a new design will be announced. The last First100 2020 shirt wil be announced at the end of December.

Note: the first shirt you will recieve is the one for Q2.

Note: we will present the First100 design to you. If you for what reason do not like the design you can choose for a shirt of our regluar collection. So you will always end up with a great shirt you really like.

Don't forget to select your own size and neck shape!

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