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Inside position IMVO and Okimono

Save My Planet

Okimono intermediate position

In 2016 ago, Okimono signed it IMVO covenant for sustainable clothing and textiles (CKT). Time for an intermediate position.

Producing as environmentally friendly as possible and under human circumstances. That's nice, but that's certainly not automatically.

We have seen convincing 'yes' against the continuous improvement of our production processes and giving openness about it. From the covenant it is sharply monitored or we stick to our agreements and what progress we make: do we do what we say, how do we do that and are we still on schedule? And every year they and we read our goals again, of course.

Our processes

Fortunately, good cooperation with our Portuguese agent and producer Free Season makes it possible to gain more insight and to further work on even better solutions for all our eco-cotton items. Our t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters are now GOTS certified from fiber to replaced. Approach to the other parts of the production - such as printing, labeling and packaging - and the self visiting the production locations is the next step here. For our cycling clothing we will start the same process in the coming year. And assessing the good working conditions is of course part of the process.

Covenant makes more possible

More and more companies and organizations are in line with the covenant, meanwhile about 89. On the one hand it means that it is always possible to raise together with other companies and thus further improve production processes. On the other hand, better international players can now be sought from the covenant even better cooperation.

The connection was previously agreed with the German Bündnis für Nachhaltige Textilien And now it is viewed with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (Sac). The covenant has also entered into an alliance with the Open Apparel Coalition, so that the production locations of all affiliated companies have been included in one list since June in the Open Apparel Registry, OAR, an international and public-online database of textile producers. In addition, Okimono has ensured that you can also find the specific own list of production sites there and of course they are also on our own site: ... Made by

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