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What customers say about us

Top shirts and top quality! (Homo Anonymus)
Finally fun, original but not screaming t-shirts ... ('FJ')
Eco + Fair + Design + Fun + Not expensive at all, this is my brand! (Menno)
Unique shirts by the crazy prints. I'm addicted ... (Hanzzy)
For people who don't want to be standard, there are enough there ;-) (Richard from above)
Compliments insured with an okimono shirt, they are also tasty! (Tim)
Cool designs that are just as different than different! (PaulvdB83)
I think the nice thing about okimono is that they just come up with new designs. It looks like she's overflowing of creativity. Nice to see what they come up with every weather. (IEFOO from Arnhem)
"Always original and surprising designs. The combi with the non-standard colors makes it off."
An okimono (Tobias) belongs in every (Arnhemse) wardrobe
"Crazy, exclusive shirts that also have a message to tell the world. And they are also great!"
"Cute of the shirts is that it is exclusive. So don't buy !!"
Okimono is not a Chinese! (NAN)
Who can do without? (Shafts)
Humorous! (Wessel)
The t-shirts are not only unique and hip, the quality is also beautiful. I have a new favorite brand! (Menno)
Do it differently, point yourself, choose okimono! Brook color, let everything knock (also your heart). Mark
Good shirts with original prints. Always surprising. Cost what and then you also have something. Leo Van N.
For you you also have a suitable number (Remco)
Finally a brand that makes you think twice without being flat. Fat. (Memie)
Come quickly to Belgium with an Okimono store! (BDK)
"Just very beautiful and good shirts and not available everywhere, so they stay unique"
Insanely beautiful shirts, and that's how it should be! (Evandek)
Difficult shirts for people with lack of humor. But yes, you can't walk your entire life in an Ajax shirt. (GI)
Find a healthy addiction: buy your first okimono shirt! (Michel)
"Okimono: a must for every self-respecting man! Arnhem man is so much nicer since okimono is there 😁"(NoModrouwtjetochvalthetpet)
Okimono for all generations! (Annette)
Coolest Shirts in Town (Robbie K. from A.)
With a shirt from Okimono you improve the world in a creative way. (Rien)
"I am regularly addressed to the print # where do you have it ..."
WARNING: Especially buy okimono because after 1 time you have been sold. Cool designs with a variety of works and yet okimono, a nice collection has been built up. (Taco)
Beautiful designs for everyone who are not yet worn by everyone. (Jeroen)
The ideal t-shirt for the man who thinks he's 44th (year, so old I am so) can still wear a t-shirt ... too crazy (Peter)
Still a little Arnhem carrying me in my student city of Groningen. (Boris)
"I am a new customer, now have 1 shirt in order, but surely there are more! Good initiative, original designs! Fit and quality I cannot judge, but I have the fullest trust!"
Great shop, print with a wink. (Willy)
Cancellation with your T-shirt to the other side of the world! (Sebastiaan)

The customer experiences shown here are a selection of responses we received from authentic customers in a survey. We checked that authenticity ourselves at the time of posting the response. Because of the nature of this page, no negative comments are displayed here, to the extent we had any already... This page is also not accessible for new customer comments, we only update it occasionally. The customers speaking on this page have not been paid for this, their enthusiasm is authentic ;-).


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